I've put up a new chronicles page. It's not quite done yet, but I hope it will be done soon. CLICK HERE to see the new look of Chronicles.


Hello!! Happy New Year. Sorry that the page hasn't been updated that much (you're probably tired of hearing that). I will do my best to update Chronicles as much as possible in the upcoming year. Have a great New Year and come back often.

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Welcome to The Chronicles Headquarters

Adventure Scenarios: Intro adventures for every time period
Characters: Character Bios and stats
Mecha: Nothing here yet, but there soon will be.
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What's new at Chronicles

6/7/00 This is the final days of the old cronicles page. The new page will also include pages for Heroes UnlimitedTM and RiftsTM. There may also be some sections over other great Palladium gams. Thanks for your support of chronicles. The new Chronicles page will be up by 7/7/00. Thank you.

5/4/00 Wooo Hooo. I'm happy to tell everyone that I will be graduating in 9 days. Looking forward to the break and picking up some projects that I stopped...Like this web page. The new Chronicles site is done. I just haven't loaded it up yet. My bad. Please check back later this month for new updates.

2/16/00 Guys I'm really sorry. I'm trying to graduate and to do that I have to give a big presentation. It's taking a lot more research than I have anticipated. This is forcing me to have to put off all projects until I give my presentation. I'm continuing to work on the new Chronicles site...I just haven't been able to upload it on tripod yet. It's almost done. Look for a new Chonicles by the end of March with more characters, scenarios, mecha, and a better layout for easier navigation. Thanks for understanding.

11/13/99 I am currently changing the layout of Chronicles CLICK HERE to see what I've done so far. Please email me with your comments.

9/8/99 Like I said before, I'm back from vacation and I promise to have some new stuff up soon.

5/2/99 Well, it's time for finals at Murray State University. I won't be updating Chronicles for a while. please read the explanation above.

4/17/99 Sorry, I really haven't had too much to add except a couple of new Links to my links page.

4/11/99 Added Brick Stone to the personnel files.

4/4/99 Happy Easter! I added some more characters to the personnel files.

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The Last update to the old Chronicles 6/7/00

I would like to thank Clayton Hall and Chris Hill for their contributions to the building of this page.

If you live in or around Murray, KY and are interested in playing Robotech, email me and let me know.

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