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The Blackjack Personnel Files

Welcome to the Blackjack Chronicles' personnel info. To facilitate the integrating of these characters into your campaign, I have labeled each character with the generation it was created in. So use whatever you wish and happy gaming.

Robotech Forces


Corporal Ruby Stone: Veritech Pilot
Corporal Dirk Squarejaw: Veritech Pilot
PFC Philip Luvkraft: Veritech Pilot

Malcontent Period

Sgt. Rod Drill: Zentraedi Melee Specialist

Southern Cross

PFC Marble Stone: Tactical Armored Space Corps

Invid Invasion

The Sentinels

Sgt. Percy Diamond: Veritech Pilot
PFC Jack Spade: Veritech Pilot
Sergeant Keith Wolfstegg: Veritech Pilot
Lt. Lance Rictman: Veritech Pilot
Master Sergeant Brick Stone: Veritech Pilot