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Corporal Ruby Stone

Level Four                    Hit Points: 32
Veritech Pilot                S.D.C.:     61
I.Q. 11                       Sex:        male
M.E. 12                       Height:     5'11"
M.A. 14                       Weight:     230 lbs.
P.S. 28                       Eyes:       green
P.P. 15                       Hair:       Brown
P.E. 15                       Birthplace: Maryland
P.B. 11                       Alignment:  Scrupulous
Spd. 13                       Disposition:Easy going guy. Follows
                                          Orders well. Will stop at
                                          nothing to help his friends
                                          and will always help females.

O.C.C. Skills

Pilot Jet: 92%, Pilot Veritech: 82%, Mecha Combat Veritech, Weapon Systems: 95%, Read Sensory Instruments: 70%, Navigation (air, land, water): 90%, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Other Skills

Radio Basic: 65%, Radio Scrambler: 55%, Radio Satellite: 40%, Pilot Tank: 65%, Pilot Truck: 80%, Gymnastics (sense of balance: 75%, climb rope: 82%, climbing: 38%, back flip: 94%), Navigation Space: 80%, Body Building, Boxing, Wrestling, Pilot Motorcycle: 88%, Pilot Destroid (Gladiator): 75%, Prowl: 45%, W.P. Energy Pistol, W.P. Chain

Combat Skills

Martial Arts:
Number of Attacks: 4

Strike: +2, Parry: +4, Dodge: +4, Roll: +6, Damage:+11

Karate Style Kick: 1d8

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