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Sergeant Rod Drill

Level Four                    Hit Points: 37
Zentraedi Melee Specialist    S.D.C.:     70 
I.Q. 20                       Sex:        Male
M.E. 10                       Height:     6'7"
M.A. 16                       Weight:     327 lbs.
P.S. 25                       Eyes:       Black (wears mask)
P.P. 13                       Hair:       White
P.E. 13 		      Skin Color: Blue
P.B. 6                        Birthplace: Cloning chambers
Spd. 15                       Alignment:  Scrupulous
                              Disposition:Loves hand to hand combat.
                                          Will protect his unit at  
                                          all cost.

O.C.C. Skills

Weapon Systems: 91%, Read Sensory Instruments: 71%, Boxing, Wrestling, Paired Weapons, WP Blunt, WP Energy Rifle, Gymnastics: (Sense of Balance: 75%, Climb Rope: 82%, Climbing: 38%, Back Flip: 94%, Prowl: 45%), Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Other Skills

Radio Basic: 81%, Pilot Destroid (Gladius): 91%, Basic Math: 98%, First Aid: 81%, Mecha Combat: Gladius, Computer Operation: 81%, Demolitions Desposal: 81%, Pilot Jet: 81%

Combat Skills

Martial Arts:
Number of Attacks: 5

Strike: +2, Parry: +6, Dodge: +6, Roll: +7, Damage: +10

Karate Style Kick: 1d8

Other Bonuses:
+6% on all Skills

This character is the creation of Clayton Hall

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