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PFC Marble Stone

Level one                     Hit Points: 19
Tactical Armored Space Corps  S.D.C.:     60 
I.Q. 11                       Sex:        Male
M.E. 20                       Height:     6'1"
M.A. 21                       Weight:     309 lbs.
P.S. 28                       Eyes:       Blue
P.P. 15                       Hair:       Brown
P.E. 14 		      Skin Color: White
P.B. 13                       Birthplace: Maryland
Spd. 12                       Alignment:  Scrupulous
                              Disposition:Strong fighter but prefers
                                          thinking a way out of a 
                                          situation. Will always think
                                          before acting.

O.C.C. Skills

Pilot AJACS: 70%, Pilot Logan: 62%, Mecha Combat: AJACS, Mecha Combat: Logan, Weapon Systems: 9%, Read Sensory Instruments: 55%, Navigation: 75%, Hand to Hand: Expert

M.O.S. Skills

Sniper +2 to Strike, WP-Chain, WP-Energy Pistol, WP-Heavy, WP-Rifle, WP-Sword, WP-Sub-Machine Gun

Other Skills

Pilot Jet: 70%, Boxing, Wrestling, Gymnastics: (Sense of Balance: 60%, Climb Rope: 70%, Climbing: 20%, Back Flip: 70%, Prowl: 30%), Radio Basic: 50%, First Aid: 50%, Veritech Mechanics: 30%

Combat Skills

Number of Attacks: 3

Parry: +1, Dodge: +1, Roll: +5, Damage: +13

Other Bonuses:
Trust/Intimidate: 65%, Save vs. Psionics/Insanity +3


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