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Sergeant Keith Wolfstegg

Level Three                   Hit Points: 27
Veritech Pilot                S.D.C.:     20 
I.Q. 16                       Sex:        Male
M.E. 16                       Height:     5'10"
M.A. 17                       Weight:     178 lbs.
P.S. 14                       Eyes:       Green
P.P. 12                       Hair:       Black
P.E. 12 		      Skin Color: Human
P.B. 16                       Birthplace: Mars Base
Spd. 15                       Alignment:  Scrupulous
                              Disposition:Nice guy, who will help
                                          anyone. Has a life devotion
                                          to the REF.

O.C.C. Skills

Pilot Jet: 88%, Pilot Veritech (All): (REF: 80%, RDF: 70%, S.C.: 65%), Mecha Combat: Alpha, Beta, and Cyclone Battler, Weapon Systems: 98%, Read Sensory Instruments: 65%, Navigation (Air, Land, Water): 85%, Hand to Hand: Martial Arts

Other Skills

Navigation (Space): 80%, Veritech Mechanics: 40%, First Aid: 61%, Pilot Military Hover Cycle: 58%, Surveillance/Tailing: 50%, Computer Operation: 70%, Basic Electronics: 50%, Computer Programming: 50%, Pilot Airplane: 88%, Radio (Basic): 60%, Mecha Combat (Basic): Vindicator, WP-Automatic Pistol, WP-Energy Pistol, WP-Gallant H-90

Combat Skills

Martial Arts:
Number of Attacks: 2

Strike: +2, Parry: +3, Roll: +3

Karate Style Kick: 1d8

Other Bonuses:
Trust/Intimidate: 45%


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