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Robotech II: The Sentinels

Adventure One
"The Lost Ship"

Created by Bob Mitchell

Part One


May 2023 (Prior to the SDF-3's launch)


The SDF-3 has just left Earth's orbit to prepare for the fold to the Fantoma system to confront the Robotech Masters. As the SDF-3 cleared the Pluvian orbit, it recieved an encrypted message from a Zentraedi Battle Cruiser. Confused, the newly formed REF looked to the (Whatever team name you decide to use) special strike force unit. The Team is summoned for a pre-jump mission breifing. When the characters enter the breifing room, they will notice a large conference table placed in the center of the room. Seated around the table is Admirals Rick and Lisa Hunter, Zentraedi Supreme Commander Breetai, and his Chief Advisor Exedore. The overall mood in the room is a sense of urgency.


Admiral rick Hunter stands up from his chair and asks for the characters to sit. Hunter then sits and nods towards Exedore who stands and looks at the characters. "You may wonder why we called on your unit before the fold. At exactly 23:00 we received an encrypted Zentraedi message from these coordinates." Exedore turns and points to a large monitor on the wall. "As you see here, the coordinates came from a distant galaxy, completely off-course from our fold to the Fantoma system. That is why we called on your unit." Exedore presses a button next to the monitor. The monitor then shows a picture of a Zentraedi Battle Cruiser. "We believe that this ship belongs to the lost Dentodu Battalion. Admiral Hunter." Exedore seats himself as Admiral Rick Hunter stands and addresses the characters. "Your mission is to board this cruiser and bring back all information pertaining to the ship and where it has been for the last 24 years. You will be part of an expiditionary fleet, led by the REF Hercules. You will fold to the coordinates, gather all the information possible, and then rendezvous with the SDF-3 at Fantoma. If at all possible, salvage the ship adn bring it to Fantoma with you. Your ship, the REF Razorback, will launch ASAP, your mecha have been transferred and the crew are waiting for your arrival. Good luck gentlemen and we will see you in Fantoma." As the characters rise from their seats, Exedore stands and informs the characters of the possible dangers. "Be warned that the Zentraedi on this cruiser do not know of the resolution the Micronians and Zentraedi. Even with Drill in your unit they may still fight you. If they do not resolve peacefully, you have the authority from the REF and Zentraedi high command to destroy these Zentraedi. With that, I leave you to your mission." The characters salute then leave to gather their personal belongings and board the Razorback.
Part Two


When the fleet reaches the coordinates the characters will be sent to search for the dirlect cruiser. The characters discover that it is a Zentraedi Command Ship, full functional with all its mecha! There are no Zentraedi aboard. The ships log will show that this is the only ship left in the Dentodu Battle unit and that all other ships were lost in a space-folding accident. Further investigation of the bridge area of the cruiser will show that the message was sent by the commander of the Dentodu Battalion. The characters will find nothing to lead them to the where-abouts of the crew. The overall search of the ship will take about 9-10 hours. After the search is completed the characters will give an all-clear sign to the fleet. The Hercules will send over a crew of engineers to run a full systems check and modify the controls for human useage. The characters will then return back to the Razorback for some rest.

The next four hours proceed as normal, as the engineers complete their modifications to the Zentraedi Command Ship they haved dubbed the REF Dentodu, in honor of the missing crew. The next few hours do not go as well. During the modifying of the engine controls, the mainframe explodes, killing three engineers and injuring seven. The reason for the explosion is unknown. The disaster will cause a delay of at least three days to rebuild the mainframe. During this time the mission leader, Captain Mitchels of the REF Hercules, call on the characters for a special assignment.


As the characters enter the conferece room aboard the Razorback, they will notice the central monitor is already on, and on the monitor is a grim looking Captain Mitchels. "Gentlemen, we have got a bogey three parsecs out. An hour ago I sent Apollo Squadron to investigate. They reported contact, and then communication with the squadron was severed. We can't even pick their alphas up on radar anymore. I need your group to intercept this unidentified ship, deteermine if it is hostile, and find our missing squadron. You will leave in exactly 15 minutes. A transport vehicle will be waiting to bring back Apollo squad. I trust you will use good judgement on this gentlemen. Good luck." The monitor clicks off as the characters prepare for their mission.

Game Master's Notes:

The unidentified object is a very strange looking alien craft. To the characters the craft will seem to look alive (they aren't far off). The craft will ignore the characters unless they try to communicate with it. If and when the characters attempt to communicate with the ship, it will release twelve bug-like creatures, who will attack the characters unrelentlessly.
If the characters defeat these warriors and attept to contact the craft again the craft will release double(24) the amount of attackers. From here I will let you decide how the characters enter the ship and rescue apollo squad.
Here are some things to remember:

-The ship is organic, but it can entered through the holes the bug creatures launched from. -The characters will encounter resistance within the ship. -Keep it lively, but remember the overall mood is dark. (they are walking through a living being).

General Notes

This is just an introductory adventure, you know, "to get the ball rolling." I don't feel that game masters should have to follow this story word for word. Feel free to add any flavor to the story that you would like. I hope you enjoy my first posted adventure.

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