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The Macross Saga

Adventure One
"The Battle for New Detroit"

Created by Bob Mitchell

Part One


August 2013


New Detroit is located near the remains of a crashed zentraedi battle cruiser, near the ruins of Detroit. The population has been increasing exponentially over the last few years. The people of New Detroit are a mixture of humans (85%), micronized zentraedi (13.5%), and full sized zentraedi (1.5%). The people of New Detroit are also determined to rebuild the city into the booming metropolis it once was. Then one day on a routine patrol a pair of veritech fighters from Flame squad was shot down over New Detroit. The downed fighters destroyed nearly three blocks of New Detroit. The humans in New Detroit were outraged at the Zentraedi for making this travesty occur. The Zentraedi blame the humans for not being able to protect themselves. Soon after New Detriot becomes a battlefield. The city of New Detroit becomes the site of a massive turf war. Many casualties have already been reported. The RDF feels it is time to intervine, so they send for the character's unit. As the characters enter the briefing room they will notice a commanding officer (please feel free to place the characters in any military base and use an already established commanding officer. This will help the continuity of your campaign.) standing at the end of the conference table, his look is grim. The characters take their seats as the briefing begins.


The commanding officer looks at the characters. "You were called in to put an end to the conflict in New Detroit. Already many human and zentraedi lives have been lost." the commanding officer taps a button on the wall display. "This is New Detroit. It is a very large city." The commanding officer points toward the center of the city. "Here is where all the hostilities are occuring. Be warned that this is a war zone, it is very dangerous, your unit must proceed with caution." The commanding officer points to another section of the map, not too far from the war zone. "This is where our two veritechs crashed. Before anything else, get in there and discover the cause of this crash. Then try to resolve this conflict peacefully. Do not shoot at civilians, human or zentraedi, unless it is in self-defence." The commanding officer looks toward the leader. "I'm counting on you and your unit, this is already a bad situation, please do not make it worse by not using good judgement." The characters stand. "Good luck gentlemen, your mecha has been prepped you will leave immediatly." The characters salute then exit the room.

What will happen at New Detroit?

This will depend on the game master. Who shot down the veritechs? Does it matter? This gives the game master many different options. Will it be a peaceful resolution, or more bloodshed? Who's leading the Zentraedi? Maybe he could be a re-occurring villian? Maybe the humans are to blame? Infinite possibilities.


General Notes

This is just an introductory adventure, you know, "to get the ball rolling." I don't feel that game masters should have to follow this story word for word. Feel free to add any flavor to the story that you would like.

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